Dark Silver Edition - Brass, Copper, and Sterling Silver Mixed Metals Stacking Rings Set

$ 70.00

This listing is for a set of ten of the hand soldered, hammered, antiqued, and patinated bangle stacking rings like the ones shown. The rings will arrive in various metals, widths, colors, and textures to form a nice little mixed stack.

Stack includes:
- two antiqued brass bands
- two fire-stained red copper bands
- two bright sterling silver bands
- four blackened sterling silver bands

All silver rings in this stack are nickel-free sterling. As with all blackened silver, the bands in this set will, over time, self-polish into an antiqued finish unique to the wearer. The natural fire-stain patina on the copper rings is created by methodically heating the metal almost to its melting point, while regulating the amount of oxygen to which the piece is exposed until it turns a fiery orange red.

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