Artisan Hammered Brass Ring

$ 36.00

In medieval times, a popular jousting game required knights to spear a suspended ring on the end of his lance while riding at full speed. In the late 1800s, carousels were built with a device to mimic this jousting game -- the device suspended a brass ring just barely within the reach of the carousel riders. The rider who succeeded in grabbing the brass ring would win a prize.

Today, to "grab the brass ring" means to earn a much-desired prize after great effort, or to reap all the rewards life has to offer.

This thick, hammered brass ring band is hand made to order and each is one of a kind. It looks equally nice on him or her. Keep it polished and sparking, or let it tarnish naturally to mimic the look of antiqued gold. Please note that brass will turn skin green with extended wear, though the metal remains popular for use in jewelry. Many wearers choose to treat the inside of their brass bands with a coat of clear nail polish to prevent this effect.

Band measures roughly 3-4mm wide and 1-2mm thick (.16 inch x .04 inch).

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