Thin Half Round Wedding Band in Solid 14k Rose Gold - Tiny Gold Ring

$ 48.00

This tiny, shiny, solid 14k rose gold half-round band measures 1.25 x .66mm. Each of these bands is formed, soldered, and polished by hand, and is joined with 14k plumb gold solder to ensure highest possible gold content and a matched seam. Choose from a high polish or matte finish at checkout.

This ring is a part of my new Weddings on a Budget line. Half-round bands have roughly half the gold volume of my regular, full-round bands. With half-round bands, you can achieve comparable visual impact at a lower price point, making this a great starter / promise ring, or an understated ring for travelers.

Half-round bands are not recommended for stacking sets, as their low profile can cause them to slide under other bands in the stack.

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