Tricolor Turquoise Stacking Rings in Antiqued Sterling Silver

$ 92.00

Set of 5 Natural Stone Stacking Bands - Kingman Arizona Turquoise

This pretty little stacking set is a fantastic collection of the many natural colors of turquoise and is sure to become your favorite for everyday wear. Each stone ring features a 4mm (.16 inch) natural color, stabilized turquoise cabochon from the Kingman mine in Arizona, famous for producing some of the highest-quality turquoise found today. All rings are made from nickel-free sterling silver that I've soldered, hammered, and antiqued by hand.

NOTE: Currently, tri-color sets are only available in a mix of matrixed and unmatrixed stones. If you prefer all unmatrixed stones with a less varied color combination, please indicate this in your note at checkout.

This set includes:

  • 1 natural turquoise cabochon stone ring in blue
  • 1 natural turquoise cabochon stone ring in dark olive or moss green
  • 1 natural turquoise cabochon stone ring in light olive green or mint greent
  • 1 hammered skinny stacker with tiny ball
  • 1 tiny pebbles/dots ring

Please note that, owing to the natural variation in undyed turquoise, your rings may not be the exact shade shown in the listing photos; I've included photos in this listing from 4 different sets to give an idea of the color range. Your stones will be of three distinct and complementary colors within the color groups listed above.

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