Shekh ma shieraki. April 04 2015

It's rare that my three worlds - linguistics, law, and silversmithing - collide, but I was recently commissioned to make wedding bands engraved with a phrase in Dothraki, the language of the Game of Thrones universe.

This raises an interesting question: Are conlangs, or constructed languages, protected by copyright?

Short answer: Maybe.

Happy Thanksgiving! November 27 2014

Among the many things for which I'm thankful this year are all the people I've had the opportunity to meet and engage from all over the world through my jewelry. Being old enough to remember life before the internet and e-commerce, it never ceases to amaze me what an amazingly connected this world is! The following map illustrates the global reach of my tiny business in the last year:

Global Reach

This year, I created jewelry for customers for the first time in Russia, Japan, South Africa, and Brazil. I've sent hundreds of wedding bands and commitment rings all over the world, each ring containing a little story within its personal inscription. 

I'm grateful that so many of you have shared your stories with me, though the most touching are probably too personal to share in a blog. From time to time, I'll be posting some of my favorite inscriptions here. While the year's not quite over yet, I'm pretty sure this one wins for 2014:

Wedding band inscription

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, and may the season find you in good health, surrounded by those you love.